Severe weather hits Galicia and causes chaos

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SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA – In Galicia people are generally used to rain. It is not without reason that it is part of ‘Green Spain’. But the severe weather that hit the region on Saturday is a bit more exceptional.

The severe weather caused by storm ‘Celine’ has led to more than 300 incidents in Galicia, including flooded roads, cancelled flights and flooded low-lying areas. The provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra have been hardest hit, with the Marín motorway closed due to flooding.

Storm Celine brings severe weather to Galicia

Storm ‘Celine’, in combination with high tides, caused closed roads, flooded buildings, fallen trees and a series of cancelled flights.

In Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, several roads were flooded. Motorists got stuck in Rúa Fontes do Sar and under the AP-9 bridge. Local authorities closed parks and a football field as a precaution.

It also happened in the city of A Coruña: the municipal council closed parts of the promenade to traffic.

In Narón, A Coruña, a four-meter-high wall collapsed due to heavy rainfall.

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In Ponteceso, the Anllóns River flooded, prompting emergency services to intervene to prevent further damage.

A train on the Santiago-Ourense route crashed into a tree in Vedra, forcing passengers to be evacuated. No one was injured, but the incident caused significant disruptions.

Maritime services were also affected: the ferry service between Cangas and Vigo was suspended until 7.00 pm, as reported by the shipping company Mar de Ons.

Heavy gusts of wind

The heavy rains and wind gusts of more than 140 kilometers per hour in Muras have contributed to the severity of the situation. Meteogalicia even recorded wind gusts of 146.7 km/h.

The Spanish weather agency Aemet warns of continued bad weather on the coast, with an orange alert for strong winds and waves up to seven meters high.

Cancelled flights

Flights to and from Santiago-Rosalía de Castro Airport have been diverted or canceled due to the severe weather conditions. Air passengers are advised to check their flight status with their airlines.

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