Rumors of disappearance refuted: Spanish ITV sticker remains

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MADRID – In Spain, you are required to have an ITV sticker on your car with a Spanish license plate. That is proof that your car has been officially inspected. However, recent reports in various media talked about the alleged disappearance of this sticker in 2024.

Those rumors have now been denied by the umbrella organisation of technical vehicle inspection stations. The AECA-ITV thus contradicts the supposed decision of the Dirección General de Tráfico (the Spanish traffic authority DGT), that the use of the sticker proving the validity of the vehicle inspection (comparable to the MOT inspection) would this year be abolished.

Legal context of the ITV sticker

The regulations regarding the ITV sticker are included in the General Vehicle Regulations. An amendment to these regulations would have to be made via a law of the same or higher legal status, such as a royal decree. To date, no such change has occurred nor is it planned, as reported in this article in El País.

The importance of the sticker

Despite its popular name as a ‘sticker’, the ITV sticker is an official distinguishing mark as laid down in vehicle regulations. It is referred to as V-19 and its main purpose is to allow authorities to see at a glance whether the vehicle has a valid ITV. The color of the sticker (always red, green, or yellow) indicates the year in which the inspection period expires.

Close inspection of the sticker

For more detailed information, officers should take a closer look at the sticker. The Roman numerals at the top indicate the expiration date: the inspector pierces one of these numerals before handing over the sticker. The sticker also contains other information that is less interesting for the motorist, such as the number of the ITV station where the inspection was carried out and the coat of arms of the autonomous community where it is located.

Fine for missing ITV sticker

It is mandatory to display the ITV sticker. Driving without the ITV label on display can lead to a fine. It is a minor violation, but the driver can be fined up to €100 without any points being deducted.

Installation of the ITV sticker

The sticker should be placed in the upper right corner of the windshield – when viewed from the inside. This is considered to have the least impact on the driver’s visibility. In vehicles without a windshield, such as motorcycles, the sticker must be placed in an easily visible location.

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