New rules for motorcyclists and youth in Spain

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MADRID – The Spanish traffic authority DGT is introducing new rules for motorcyclists in 2024. There are also changes coming for 17-year-olds.

According to DGT figures, there were a total of 1,145 traffic fatalities in 2023. Additionally, 4,495 people were injured in traffic accidents. The number of motorcyclists among the fatal victims was significant. This has prompted the Spanish traffic authority to introduce new rules.

New rules for motorcyclists

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the DGT are sounding the alarm because there were 10% more fatal motorcycle accidents last year compared to 2022. In total, 463 motorcyclists lost their lives on Spanish roads, the highest number in the past ten years.

Due to the number of fatalities among motorcyclists, DGT has decided to implement new measures this year. It will be mandatory to wear a full-face or modular helmet, as well as approved gloves. DGT aims for “every motorcyclist to wear a helmet that protects the entire head.”

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Mandatory course

The traffic authority will also introduce a mandatory course for drivers with a category B driver’s license, older than 3 years, who want to drive motorcycles up to 125 cc. Spain is following the example of countries like France and Germany. Additionally, the course will be adapted to allow drivers who have lost points on their license to recover them. A specific profile will be added for motorcyclists who have lost all their points. The goal of the module? Safe and efficient riding.

17-year olds allowed to drive with supervision

The government is also introducing a new rule for 17-year-olds. This group will be allowed to drive a car under the supervision of an adult aged 24 or older. The adult supervisor must possess a driver’s license and have at least five years of driving experience. The Minister of the Interior says that “driving with supervision will improve the driving skills of young drivers.” Germany and France are already familiar with this rule. “The results for road safety are positive. The rule provides an opportunity to gain experience before the young driver ventures out into traffic alone,” according to the minister.

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