Waiting time for car inspection ITV in Valencia is up to two months

by Lorraine Williamson
ITV waiting times

VALENCIA – The delays at the technical inspection (ITV) in the Valencia region are increasing. The waiting time is now almost two months. In addition, drivers are forced to travel long distances in search of available inspection stations. 

The process of getting your vehicle inspected in Valencia has become quite a challenge since ITV has returned to public ownership. In addition, new software has been introduced for making appointments. Furthermore, due to increased demand during the summer holidays and holiday traffic, many of the region’s 25 inspection stations have become congested. 

The summer calendar is fully booked especially during the months of July and August, indicating limited availability. Those who can get an appointment sometimes have to drive far to an inspection station where there is availability. 

For example, Fernando struggled to get an urgent appointment after his ITV expired. “I couldn’t find my usual inspection station on the list, so I tried to make an appointment in Alzira, but everything was fully booked until the end of August,” he says. Finally he got an appointment in Utiel, where he passed the inspection. “I went to the first station where I could get an appointment. Many drivers fear a €200 fine from the DGT if their ITV expires. 

When you currently visit the website of Sitval (Societat Valenciana d’ITV S.A), the new public company responsible for the technical inspection of vehicles, availability at most stations is only from mid-September. Places like Sagunto, Campanar, and Alzira don’t have appointments available until after the summer. 

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In other stations the situation is even more extreme, such as in Vara de Quart or Massalfassar. There, it is not even possible to make an appointment until October. The only station with spaces available in the coming months is Utiel, where you can make an appointment by phone and online for July, August and September, so many drivers visit this station as a last resort. 

Castellon and Alicante 

The situation is the same in the province of Castellón, with the ITV stations in Vinaròs, Villareal and Castellón being overcrowded. Fortunately, the situation in the province of Alicante seems better than elsewhere, with stations such as El Pilar offering a large number of inspections even this month. 

Calling customer service can also be a good option to make an appointment, but due to the high number of daily calls, the wait time to speak to an operator can be up to ten minutes. 

New solutions 

The difficulty and slowness of getting appointments mean that many drivers go to the ITV stations without an appointment. Consequently, this then causes long queues. This was denounced earlier this year by the CSIF union. He emphasises that it is not possible to come by without an appointment and advises drivers to contact the company before departure. 

For the same reason, Sitval has published two urgent temporary vacancies for inspection and administrative positions to meet the high demand during the holiday season. Furthermore, the government of Valencia plans to open 12 new stations so that citizens have a fixed or mobile station within 30 kilometres of their place of residence. 

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