Ibiza sees end to pandemic boom in private jet arrivals

by Lorraine Williamson
Ibiza private jet

IBIZA – Ibiza, known as the paradise for partygoers and luxury tourists, is experiencing a decline in private jet operations. After a sharp increase during the pandemic, the island is seeing a 10% decline in the first eight months of this year. 

According to data from Aena, the Spanish airport operator, a total of 2,574 private jet operations were recorded at Ibiza Airport from January to August 2023. This is a decrease of 10.9% compared to the same period in 2022 when there were 2,889 such operations. In all of 2022, 16,258 private jets landed on the ‘White Island’. 

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Exclusive and private way to travel

The pandemic had an unexpectedly beneficial effect on the private jet sector in the Balearic Islands. Many wealthy tourists chose this exclusive way of travelling because it offered more privacy and therefore more health safety. However, with the relaxation of COVID-19 measures, demand for private jets appears to be declining. 

The record year for private flights to Ibiza was 2022, according to Diario de Ibiza. This was possible partly thanks to the new facilities at the airport, which since 2019 have more capacity for landing private jets. 

Cogesa Expats

This segment of aviation is characterised by a very international customer base that has great purchasing power. These often involve wealthy individuals, celebrities, business people and politicians. They choose private jets because they offer flexibility, convenience and luxury to reach the destination. 

Decline in private jets to Ibiza

The decline in private jet operations on the Spanish holiday island could potentially have an impact on the local economy. This is highly dependent on tourism in the luxury segment. However, this will not immediately lead to an economic crisis on the island; rather, it’s a signal that things are returning to some sort of “normal.” 

Yet the Balearic Islands remain a popular destination for private jets from around the world. This was confirmed by the European Commercial Aviation Association (EBAA) in January. It stated that Mallorca and Ibiza airports are the two Spanish airports that would receive the most jets in 2022. 

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