Concern among tour guides after bus crash with 24 injured in Mallorca

by Lorraine Williamson
tour guides

In a tragic bus accident on the Spanish island of Mallorca, 24 retired tourists were injured on Monday. Two of them were seriously injured when the bus overturned and fell two metres down.  The accident has led to questions among tour guides.

This accident, involving a bus full of Imserso tourists, occurred on the road from Sant Llorenç to Son Servera, in the northeast of the island. Two of the injured had to remain in hospital on Wednesday.

30 passengers, including the bus driver, were unharmed. Guardia Civil sources confirmed that the driver of the bus tested negative for alcohol and drugs at the scene. The incident prompted the Association of Tourist Guides on the Baths (ABGT) and excursion company Proguías to call for a reconsideration of the use of front seats on buses by tour guides. They are “questioning their safety standards” after last Monday’s accident. As associations of guides, they have stated that one of their “concerns” is the safety, not only that of the customers who are their “absolute priority”, but also that of the guides.

Questioning standards in coaches

In a press release, they have pointed out that they have been “forced” to question these standards in the coaches and the use of that seat. This is because “they are not employees of the company and that seat is meant for someone from the crew. As an employee of the company that owns the vehicle, he is insured.”

Cogesa Expats

“The seat intended for the tour guide has become a concern after the recent accident, although fortunately the guide did not occupy it that day. That was because the bus was not full, otherwise the consequences might have been tragic,” they stressed. Hence, they are “seriously considering whether it is appropriate to give guides access to this chair”. They think it is “important” to review the rules and protocols for the use of this chair.

Emergency services quickly on the scene after Mallorca bus crash

In addition to their concerns, the organisations expressed “deep gratitude” to all the services that were quickly on the scene. And have provided immediate help and support. But they also gave their “unconditional support” to the driver, an “excellent professional with whom many have shared working days”. They expressed their condolences to the driver and the emotional stress and showed him “all their support and recognition for his work”. Of course, they also showed support for the victims. On the bus were pensioners, elderly people who took advantage of subsidised Imserso trips.

Call for the formation of a working group

The associations also reaffirmed their support for coach companies. And they emphasised their “ongoing commitment” to the safety of the passengers they carry. For all these reasons, they called for the establishment of a working group after the bus accident. It will analyse proposals and protocols. This will improve the safety of everyone on the bus.

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