How does the Ukraine war affect the intentions of Americans to travel to Europe?

by Lorraine Williamson
Americans and travel choices

With the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the first impacts on the tourism industry were felt especially in the two countries involved (Ukraine and Russia) and their neighbours. As the months go by, the conflict is impacting Americans and other global tourists.

The third wave, according to analysts, would affect tourists from North America, especially Americans. However, recent studies suggest the drop in travel from the other side of the Atlantic will not be as serious. 

A survey carried out by MMGY Travel Intelligence indicates that 61% of Americans who had planned to travel to Europe maintain their plans. 23% choose to wait and see how the situation evolves. Whereas, 10% think they will delay or reschedule their trip and 7% think they will cancel. 

Poland, Germany, and Austria are perceived as less safe 

This is the second survey of these characteristics that the analysis institute has carried out since last March. Furthermore, the comparison of the indicators obtained shows that travellers are more confident than a few months ago. 

Cogesa Expats

Concern that the conflict will spread to other countries has decreased (from 62 to 54%). However, Americans consider that Eastern Europe is less safe than the West. Moreover, they highlight that, in addition to Ukraine and Russia, other countries such as Poland, Germany, and Austria are perceived as less safe. 

“While the war in Ukraine is clearly a top concern for many travellers, it doesn’t seem like it will ultimately deter most Americans from visiting Europe,” said Chris Davidson, Executive Vice President of MMGY Travel Intelligence. “This is especially true of travel to Western European destinations that are perceived as being a bit further geographically removed from the conflict.” 

An important market for Spain 

The United States is an important source market for Spain. This is especially due to its growth potential and the significant spending by its citizens. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, it showed sustained growth over time, a trend that wants to be recovered. It is a particularly important market for the city of Barcelona, ​​where it is the main international market. 

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