Spaniards condemn Israeli offensive in Gaza

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Israeli offensive

MADRID – A majority of Spaniards, 60.7%, disapprove of the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Israel’s military crackdown has claimed more than 24,700 victims, including nearly 11,000 children.

In addition, 57.9% of the population supports the Spanish government’s call for a ceasefire. Spain’s attitude towards Israel, especially President Pedro Sánchez’s criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over violations of international humanitarian law, is supported by half of the population. The information comes from a survey by Simple Logica for the newspaper

Political colouring of opinions

Opinions on the conflict vary widely depending on political preference. A significantly higher percentage of PSOE and Sumar supporters condemn Israeli actions. On the other hand, only a small portion of Vox voters disapprove of the attacks. In contrast, a majority of Vox voters either agree with the military response or are indifferent to it.

International response to the humanitarian crisis

The situation in Gaza is serious: Israel is restricting access to humanitarian aid and has attacked health facilities and UN shelters, resulting in the loss of 150 UN staff. The attacks have brought about the displacement of 1.9 million people, leaving half a million homeless. UN Secretary-General António Guterres has expressed deep concern about violations of international humanitarian law. He further emphasizes the need for a safe and effective humanitarian operation in Gaza.

Division over ceasefire

Among PSOE voters, 82.2% are in favour of a ceasefire, a position shared by 86% of Sumar supporters. On the right side of the political spectrum, there is less support for this measure, with 37.3% of PP voters and only 27.3% of Vox supporters supporting a ceasefire.

International position

The Spanish government, like the UN Secretary-General, has appealed to the UN Security Council for a “humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza. However, only Israel, the US, and some other countries, including some small Pacific states, have voted against an immediate ceasefire in the UN General Assembly, believing it would favour Hamas.

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