Israeli Embassy accuses Spain of endangering Jewish community

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Israeli Embassy condemns speech by Spanish ministers

MADRID – The Spanish government has rejected the “falsehoods” expressed by the Israeli embassy against the “absolutely immoral” statements made by “certain members” of the Spanish government.

The embassy accuses them of “endangering the security of the Jewish communities in Spain (…) by exposing them to the risk of an increasing number of anti-Semitic incidents and attacks.” It made these accusations in response to statements by several ministers following the Hamas terror in Israel on Saturday, October 7, but did not name any specific ministers. Furthermore, the embassy has also called on the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to unequivocally condemn these “disgraceful statements”.

The embassy is responding to the call by Podemos leader and acting Minister of Social Rights Ione Belarra to mobilise in the streets against Israel’s ‘planned genocide’ on Gaza. She further asked the EU to stop being “complicit with a criminal” like Netanyahu and to use all diplomatic efforts to end “Israel’s occupation and apartheid in Palestine.”

The second vice president of the caretaker government and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, has also condemned Israeli apartheid “loudly and clearly”, while the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, has described the actions of the Israeli army as “pure barbarism ”. against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip.

Spain’s response to the Israeli Embassy

The Foreign Ministry has emphasised that “any political figure can freely express views as a representative of a political party in a full democracy such as Spain” and rejected “unfounded insinuations about them.” The ministry also underlined the government’s position that it is necessary to “distinguish the Palestinian people from the terrorist group Hamas.” Likewise, they assure that the government shares the belief that “the only viable solution to achieve a situation of stability in the region is the solution of two states coexisting in peace and security.”

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Call to action

The Israeli embassy has urged Sánchez to condemn these “disgraceful statements”, saying the criticism from members of the Spanish government “is not only absolutely immoral, but also endangers the security of the Jewish communities in Spain.”

Response from outgoing Prime Minister Sánchez

Sánchez, during a meeting with European and Balkan countries in Tirana, Albania, condemned Hamas’ “terrorist attack” against Israel and also recognised “Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself within international humanitarian law.”

Ione Belarra response

Ione Belarra responded on Twitter to the Israeli ambassador’s statement as follows: ‘His government is committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip, massive bombings, water and electricity cuts, and they are not allowing humanitarian aid. Denouncing this genocide is not “joining Hamas,” it is a democratic obligation. Silence, complicity in terror.’

Proposal with solutions

El Mundo writes that Yolanda Díaz’s team announced on Monday that it will submit an institutional statement and a non-legislative proposal to Congress with solutions to the conflict in the Middle East. Both parliamentary initiatives mention a “condemnation of the terrorist attacks against the civilian population committed by Hamas” in addition to “the crimes against the civilian population committed by Israel.”

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