Relatives of Hamás hostages beg Spanish government for quick action

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relatives of hostages

MADRID – The situation in Gaza is serious and time is running out, warn five relatives of hostages held by the terrorist group Hamás. They beg the Spanish government for quick action and assistance.

They expressed their deep concerns during a press conference at the Museum of the History of the Jewish Community in Madrid: “More than 200 people have been kidnapped by the Palestinian militia and we have been without any information about their well-being for almost 20 days,” they stressed.

International support

The Israeli citizens were received by the Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, and later by the Jewish Community in Madrid. They were dressed in T-shirts with the faces of their kidnapped relatives and were supported by demonstrators condemning Hamás’ violent actions. Rodica Radian-Gordon, Israel’s ambassador to Spain, also expressed her support and called for international solidarity.

Personal stories from the relatives of the hostages

Maayan Sigal, one of the relatives, is desperate: “My mother is diabetic, and we have no idea if she has access to her medicine.”

Naama Weinberg, in a trembling voice, told of her 79-year-old grandmother who simply sent a message that read: “HELP.”

Cogesa Expats

Yulie, another person involved, speaks about her dramatic experiences and the fear of losing both her parents.

Spanish connection

It is notable that one of the family members is also a colleague of Spaniard Iván Illarramendi, whose whereabouts are also unknown since Hamás’ attack. “I worked with Iván, he is a good and wise man,” says Robert Meyer, who was present at the press conference.

Appeal to the Spanish government

The five Israeli citizens are unanimous in their appeal to the Spanish government: “We ask the Spanish government to talk to countries that can influence Hamás.” They want action to be taken as soon as possible to put an end to the hostage takings and the rise of Hamás in Gaza.

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