Four Brits arrested suspected of hashish and ecstasy trafficking

by Lorraine Williamson
four Brits arrested

MALAGA – Guardia Civil and the National Police have dismantled a criminal organisation based in the province of Malaga that allegedly shipped drugs including hashish and ecstasy to central European countries, mainly the Netherlands. Four Brits have been arrested as a result of the investigation.

Police seized 937 kilograms of hashish and another 53 of ecstasy, from a house that the criminal gang used as a nursery for narcotic substances. At the Malaga property in town of Mijas, four men were arrested for their alleged involvement in the crimes of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organisation.

The investigation began at the end of September of last year when the National Police intercepted an envelope that was in postal system in Fuengirola. With judicial authorisation, they discovered and subsequently seized the half kilo of cocaine inside that was inside.

The sender of the envelope that was intercepted in Fuengirola sent two other packages. This time, they were seized in November by the Guardia Civil at the Madrid-Barajas airport. Each of these envelopes contained four kilos of hashish.

Operation Milo-Loop 22

From that point on, both the National Police and the Guardia Civil began a joint investigation. Operation Milo-Loop 22 began!

The investigators then found out that, a group of British citizens were behind the criminal network. The four Brits resided on the Malaga coast and allegedly engaged in the acquisition, preparation and distribution of large quantities of narcotic substances destined for European countries, mainly the Netherlands.

91 kilograms of cutting substance seized in France

The Police detected movements of those investigated by road, through French territory and bound for the Netherlands. At this time, they seized 91 kilograms of cutting substance. The suspects travelled in vans and wore vests as pretending to be delivery workers.

Arrests in Mijas and Marbella

Finally, in the exploitation phase of the operation, police arrested the four Brits, in Mijas and Marbella. They carried out three searches in those locations. One of the homes was used as a drug nursery. Here, 937 kilograms of hashish and another 53 of ecstasy were seized. Five cars, several mobile phones and €1,390 in cash were also seized.

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