Forest fires in Spain’s green northwest remain active

by Lorraine Williamson
forest fires

BOIRO – A Coruña and Ávila battle large forest fires that together have already destroyed more than 2,750 hectares. The most serious is that of Cures, in Boiro (A Coruña). 2,000 hectares were lost here. 

At Santa Cruz del Valle in Ávila, the forest fire has already destroyed more than 700 hectares according to the latest updated data from the Xunta de Galicia on Saturday. Emergency services were able to stabilize other outbreaks in Esteras de Medinaceli, Soria and Jódar in Jaén after flames engulfed 650 hectares. Unfortunately, the fire continues to actively spread and spread in Boiro and Santa Cruz del Valle. 

The Galician government maintains Alert Situation 2 due to the fire’s proximity to the built-up area of ​​Piñeiro. Here, three technicians, 45 officers, 87 brigades, 40 motorised pumps, 12 planes, 9 helicopters and members of the military emergency unit fight to put out the fire. 

700 people evacuated 

The forest fire has forced several municipalities in A Coruña to take measures. In Oleiros a campsite had to be evacuated. The result was that 700 people had to find another shelter. 

Galicia also tries to put an end to the fire in Xustáns, in Ponte Caldelas. 300 hectares have already been lost here. The Xunta de Galicia also maintains Alert Level 2 as the fire is close to homes. 

Cogesa Expats

The good news in this autonomous community was that the forest firefighting service was able to report that the fire in Verín, Ourense, has been extinguished. This destroyed about 600 hectares. 

Forest fire in the south of vila 

The fire in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Valle in Ávila continues. The right flank in particular is the most active. This is where the work of the 26 air resources, assisted by six technicians, ten environmental agents, eleven fire trucks, two bulldozers, eight ground units and eight other helicopters, is concentrated, in addition to the military emergency service UME and the advanced command post. 

“Some idiot turned it on” 

According to the technical director, the fire of Santa Cruz del Valle (Ávila) has been set. “My personal opinion, from what I’ve seen, is that some idiot lit it, but I can’t say one hundred per cent. But where did it come from and how come, there are still many questions,” he explained to the media. 

He acknowledged that the fire is developing relatively slowly due to the low intensity of the wind. 

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