British billionaire wants to bring order to Spanish beach resort after death of his brother

by Lorraine Williamson
British billionaire

MALLORCA – After his brother died following an incident in a well-known nightclub in Magaluf, British billionaire Maximilian White wants to take revenge, especially on the beach resort of Magaluf in Mallorca, which is so popular among holidaying young people. 

Tens of thousands of young British people flock here every year, mainly to party and drink. This regularly results in excesses such as fights, life-threatening stunts such as ‘balconing’. And now, in the death of 35-year-old Tobias White-Sansom. “I’m going to buy the main street of Magaluf [Punta Ballena] and if I have to, I’m going to close it permanently because it poses a danger to people. It has not been checked.” 

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White, who owes his fortune to a lucrative trade in medicinal cannabis, explained in statements to the British newspaper The Mirror that his brother was violently beaten for no apparent reason by the doormen of the nightclub in question. And that the Guardia Civil subsequently would also have been arrested using excessive force. After his arrest, he was taken to hospital where he died after being in a coma for five days. 

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However, statements about the incident from the Guardia Civil are different. Diario de Mallorca reported that it is thought that Tobias initially tried to enter the nightclub without wearing a shirt. Therefore, when he was refused entry, he was said to have become aggressive and security at the nightclub had to stop him, later with reinforcements from the Guardia Civil. The police team investigating the death believe Tobias White died of an overdose from a cocktail of alcohol and drugs. 

Enough money 

As a tribute to his brother, Maximilian has decided to dismantle the nerve centre of Magaluf. The truth is that his fortune is large enough to carry it out. According to Forbes, the shares of its therapeutic marijuana production company are worth $3.5 billion. 

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