How to prepare the cocktail Agua de Valencia?

by Lorraine Williamson
Agua de Valencia

Many people think of cocktails of international origin rather than creations from Spanish cuisine. Who doesn’t love a fresh Mojito or a Bloody Mary? Still, we would like to share this Spanish cocktail with you. 

When you think of Spanish cocktails, you will initially think of sangria, but have you ever heard of Agua de Valencia? As the name suggests, Valencia water is a cocktail with a Mediterranean spirit and is widely consumed in the city of Valencia and its surroundings. 

The history behind Agua de Valencia

The origins of this drink go back to 1959 when a group of Basque travellers got tired of always asking for “Agua de Bilbao” in a Valencian bar or restaurant. They challenged the owner of the bar to offer them something new. He used all his ingenuity to give them a taste of “Agua de Valencia”. Little did he know at the time that his creation would become the star drink of party nights from the 1970s until today. 

This cocktail is ideally suited to freshen up sultry summer evenings. 

Ingredients for one and a half litres of Agua de Valencia: 
  • 500 ml freshly squeezed orange juice 
  • 500 ml cava (when it is brut, you get a more bitter touch, while if it is semi-dry, you get a sweeter result) 
  • 250 ml gin 
  • 250 ml vodka 
  • Half an orange 

For best results, use high-quality products and especially seasonal oranges from the Valencian orchard. 

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How do you prepare Agua de Valencia? 

Squeeze so many oranges that you are left with 500 ml of juice. Filter the squeezed juice through a sieve to remove the excess pulp. Pour the orange juice without pulp into the container in which you will prepare the cocktail. 

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Add the cava, vodka and gin and mix. Let it rest in the fridge for a few hours. When serving, add ice cubes to the pitcher or glasses in which you will be serving the cocktail. For a nice presentation, you can pour your homemade Agua de Valencia in Martinigrlazen and put some orange slices on the rim. 

Nutritional information: For each glass of Agua de Valencia: 228 kilocalories and 36.6 g of carbohydrates 

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