PP retains absolute majority in Galicia

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PP wins Galician Elections

In an exciting election battle in Galicia, the Partido Popular (PP) led by Alfonso Rueda has once again achieved an absolute majority. The Bloque Nacionalista Galego (BNG) is emerging as the main challenger. Democracia Ourensana surprises with a seat in parliament.

The PP, led by Alfonso Rueda, has won the elections in Galicia. The party retains the absolute majority in parliament with 40 out of 75 seats, despite losing two seats compared to the 2020 elections. This victory marks the fifth consecutive time that the PP has achieved an absolute majority in this region. After the departure of Alberto Núñez Feijóo to national politics, it is the first time under the leadership of Rueda.

BNG: the strong challenger

The nationalist party BNG, led by Ana Pontón, has firmly established itself as the second force in Galicia. The party won 25 seats, an increase of six seats. This growth highlights BNG’s consolidation as the leading opposition party, which has benefited from declining support for the PSdeG (Partido Socialista de Galicia), which has fallen below ten seats.

PSdeG and Democracia Ourensana

The PSdeG has reached a historic low by falling to just nine seats, a loss of five seats. On the other hand, Democracia Ourensana, a local populist party, has pulled off a surprise by winning a seat. This means that it is represented in the Galician parliament for the first time.

Cogesa Expats

No seats for Vox, Sumar and Podemos

Vox, Sumar and Podemos failed to gain seats in the Galician parliament, as none of these parties reached the 3% vote threshold.

Reactions to the results

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has congratulated Alfonso Rueda on his victory and expressed his appreciation for the work of the Socialist candidate, José Ramón Gómez Besteiro. Sánchez stressed the importance of the work that must start from tomorrow to build a progressive alternative.


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