DNI for your pets in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
pets new law

MADRID – From 2022 the new Law on Protection and Rights of animals comes into force. This will include several new measures to be undertaken for your pets.

As reported in a previous article, there are plans to introduce a course for all dog owners. However, it will also now be mandatory for your dog or cat to have an official ID. The General Directorate of Animal rights plans this to be introduced in the form of a DNI for pets.

National database

When information about your pets is recorded in this way, it will allow the government to create a national database. As such, it will have more information on the owner, and the breed or type. And perhaps other information on the history of both the owner and animal. Such as vaccinations or veterinary treatments.

Reduce number of abandoned animals

Not only will the DNI make medical treatment more straightforward across the country, but it should help to reduce the number of animals abandoned in Spain.

Cogesa Expats

The information on the database will allow officials to fine owners if they do not follow the law regarding their pets.

As part of the new law, there are regulations as to how long an animal is permitted to be left alone. 

Complement the microchip

All autonomous communities will have access to the information. But, how to implement the DNI has still to be confirmed. The government has indicated it will act as a complementary tool to the current microchip. However, it is not yet known whether the DNI will take the form of a physical passport or card. Although, it is thought it could follow a similar format to that of the Covid passport with a QR code.


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