‘A Team’ claim to have rescued La Palma dogs

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La Palma dogs rescued says banner

As reported earlier, the La Palma dogs trapped by lava flows were feared dead after they went missing. Since then, an anonymous group calling themselves the ‘A Team’ claim they rescued them.

Today, a banner has appeared at one of the two areas where the dogs had been trapped. The homemade sign has written in big red letters “Fureza La Palma, los perros estan bien. A Team” (Strength La Palma, the dogs are fine. A Team).

Now the mystery revolves around who managed to access the place to rescue the dogs, erect the banner, and the whereabouts of the dogs.

Entered restricted area

The administrator of animal protection organisation, Leales.org, Alejandro Molina, who spearheaded the campaign to rescue the animals, said he is astonished by the events.

He has asked Pevolca for explanations as to who may have authorised entry to such a dangerous area. “We are calm because the lava is not going to kill the dogs, but we are concerned because we do not know the state of the hounds,” he told Huffpost.

The latest drone images clearly show human footprints, seeming to prove that the rescue must have been on foot.

Cogesa Expats

Director of Pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has pointed out that for his part “they have done everything they had to do” for the animals and that he has no further information on the subject.

The dogs, who have been surviving on a farm surrounded by lava on La Palma, had been feared dead after an inspection of the entire area showed no sign of them.

Video shows the A Team banner

A local media outlet published a video, showing the banner. They told EL PAÍS by phone that the animals are now fine and that “no one would risk their lives for the dogs only to then mistreat them later.” 

The source continued, it will be difficult for someone to clarify how it happened given that “it was illegal” to enter the exclusion zone.

News of this unofficial rescue came a day after Aerocámaras flew a drone over the area in an attempt to locate the dogs, which had not been seen for several days. 


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