Very heavy rain weather warning for Valencia region until Saturday

by Lorraine Williamson
heavy rain

VALENCIA – The warning for very heavy rain with storms in the Valencia region until Saturday has been raised and extended by the Spanish weather institute Aemet. Up to 100 litres of precipitation is expected in 24 hours. 

The update of the weather forecast covers the south coast of the province of Valencia. It also takes into account the north coast of the province of Alicante. The weather alert was initially due to heavy precipitation until Friday. However, since Thursday morning that has changed to Saturday morning and from code yellow to code orange. 

Persistent storms

Both precipitation and accompanying storms could become persistent. This is followed by a general drop in temperature to a minimum of about 10 degrees at some points on the Valencian coast. 

Heavy rainfall

It almost completely changes the weather in the Valencian Community from midnight on Friday. From then on, code orange will apply to rainfall that can be very strong and persistent on the south coast of the province of Valencia and the north coast of Alicante, with rainfall of up to 40 litres per hour. These areas and the south coast of Alicante will also have an active yellow warning for rains of up to 20 litres in one hour, reaching records of up to 80 litres in 12 hours and 100 litres in 24 hours. 

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Aemet also foresees a significant increase in the chance of rain for the city of Valencia. It will rain scattered throughout the region for the first half of Friday. Although it can clear up here and there in the course of the hours. 

For Saturday, Aemet provides a yellow warning for rain until 8 a.m. with quantities of up to 20 litres in an hour. These showers are accompanied by storms. 

Improvement on Sunday

The week ends on Sunday with a remarkable improvement in the weather in the Valencia region. Aemet forecasts partly cloudy or clear skies in the morning and moderate cloud in the afternoon for the day. Minimum temperatures remain more or less stable from the previous day’s records. This will be a minimum of 12 degrees and a maximum of 22 degrees in Valencia. 

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