Cloudburst in Cartagena: 23 people need to be rescued from their cars

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Rain leads to Cartagena floods

CARTAGENA – Severe weather on Saturday led to Cartagena floods. Within a short time, up to 110 litres of water per square meter fell. Also, the emergency number 112 received countless reports about flooded garages and stuck cars.

Emergency services, including the fire service, had to free 23 occupants from their vehicles. This included one from the local police who followed up on a report and then got into trouble, according to 112 sources in La Verdad de Murcia newspaper.

The waterspout, which happened around 10 p.m. on Saturday, caused several homes and garages to flood. Particularly affected were Los Dolores, and in the municipalities of La Asomada and Santa Ana.  33 reports of water passed through the emergency coordination centre.

In addition, 112 received 39 calls related to occupants of 23 vehicles trapped by rising water on streets and highways.

Cartagena floods – police also get into difficulties

Police car caught in floods

Two local police officers, who went to the aid of two minors, also required assistance. The children were trapped in a flooded car in La Aljorra next to the San Isodoro de los Dolores school; they had to get out of the vehicle through the windows.

The officers’ patrol car also ended up submerged after driving through too deep a section of the road, which was undetectable at the time. Despite this, the police officers managed to save the minors. Emergency services rescued a total of fifteen people from their vehicles.

Obstacles on the public road

In addition, Cartagena’s firefighters intervened in 14 cases regarding obstacles on the public road. This included two fallen large trees on the N-301 in the section between Santa Ana and Miranda, which could only be removed after more than an hour of hard work.  

Just during previous episodes of heavy precipitation, the Sifón highway remains closed. More than 100 litres per square meter fell there, according to the Cartagena fire brigade.

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