And Spain’s gastronomic capital for 2022 is…

by Deborah Cater
Gasronomic capital of Spain 2022: Sanlucar de Barrameda

MADRID – Since the inception of the nomination in 2012, it has always been Spanish provincial capitals that became the gastronomic capital of Spain. Last year, it was Murcia that gained extra attention for its culinary side.

This year, Murcia hands over to Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Located in the province of Cádiz and at the mouth of the Guadalquivir, this was the first non-provincial capital to be named Gastronomic Capital of Spain 2022. The Federation of Journalists and Writers of Spain (FEPE) announced the winner from Valladolid during the International Interior Tourism Fair (INTUR).

The jury emphasised that “shrimp and manzanilla shine with their own light in the gastronomic universe of Sanlúcar, and also proudly use ‘de Sanlúcar’ as a suffix. If you are in the area, order ‘langostinos de Sanlúcar’ with a glass of manzanilla .

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Manzanilla and shrimp - gastronomic capital key food

The jury reiterated it is a “participatory project open to all and to all citizens”; with an attractive program of events aimed at strengthening the universal vocation of the city. The quality of life generated by the Guadalquivir River and the natural environment of the nature reserve Doñana with its beautiful white beaches; the scene of the legendary horse races, the record of sunny hours and the hospitality for which the city is so famous”.

What is Manzanilla?

Manzanilla – a dry white wine made from the palomino grape. The process is that the grapes mature under a yeast layer (flor). The Sanlucar de Barrameda area exclusively produces the wine.

The special microclimate of the city due to its location at the mouth of the river Guadalquivir stimulates the formation of the so-called flor. This gives the wine its unique distinctive characteristics.

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