Calima and mud rain return to southern and south-eastern Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
blood rain calima

WEATHER – Despite the rise in temperatures on Tuesday, meteorological instability continues in Spain. In addition, storms accompanied by Calima ensure a return of the now-dreaded mud shower. 

Many have just erased the tracks of the last episode of Saharan sand in March. Rain mixed with mud fell from the sky and smeared terraces, facades, and cars. Entire cityscapes are coloured from white or beige to dark brown. Facade cleaners had a peak time and could barely cope with the requests. And that mud rain is not all: An Atlantic front also ensures the return of cold air. 


The showers will start on Tuesday afternoon and could affect all of Spain, but in particular, Galicia and the area around the Strait of Gibraltar will be affected in the morning. Stormy showers are predicted by AEMET and to occur in Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country, and the environs of the Central Mountain System and the Iberian System in La Rioja. 

Return of the Calima 

From Tuesday, the Sahara dust will also return in suspension in the air over the southeastern part of the country and the autonomous Spanish city of Melilla on the North African coast. Especially Andalucia, Murcia, and the south of the Valencia region will have to deal with it. Furthermore, it means a deterioration of the air quality. Only on Wednesday will the Calima expand to a larger part of the Spanish mainland. 

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Skies are getting muddy again 

Ruben del Campo of AEMET explains: “It is likely that our skies will become muddy again due to the presence of dust in suspension from the north of the African continent. This Calima, together with the rain showers predicted for this period, could result in mud showers again”. That rain mixed with sand from the Sahara is expected to fall mainly on Wednesday and Thursday. 

More showers in the east of the country from Thursday 

The Atlantic front responsible for rain, torrential downpours, and storms will expand from the west to the east from Wednesday, and “from Thursday, showers will be more concentrated in the east of the peninsula,” Del Campo said. 

Colder in Spain from Wednesday 

As for the temperatures, they are normal for the time of year, but “from Wednesday they will go down and fall below normal values, especially from Wednesday to Friday and especially in the east of the country”. 

For more stable weather you have to be in the west 

From Friday, the mercury will rise again little by little, but the weather will also remain unstable in the east of the country and the Balearic Islands on Friday. It may also rain in the northeast and other northern parts of the country. “The more to the west we are, the more stable the weather is,” Del Campo concludes. 

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