Andalucia president announces snap elections

by Lorraine Williamson
Andalucia president, Juanma Moreno -

SEVILLE – Juanma Moreno, president of Andalucia, announced snap elections on Sunday. The region needs a budget for 2023, which means that the elections must be held before the summer. 

Therefore, he has set the date for the regional elections as June 19. The snap elections are a result of the coalition’s failure to finalise the 2022 budget due to the refusal of the PSOE, VOX, and Unidas Podemos to agree. 

The Andalucian Prime Minister said this as he attended the pilgrimage to the Virgen de la Cabeza in Jaén on Sunday. He told the journalists present that he had “thought about the elections for weeks and that he will continue to do so”. 

‘This government has come to an end’ 

“It is clear this government has come to an end and what we need to do now is make a decision that is good for Andalucia,” said Moreno. Moreno is also the leader of the People’s Party PP in Andalucia. 

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Possible elections in June 

In recent days, the prime minister has often hinted at the possibility of early elections. He also dropped the month of June as the moment from which it is still possible to compile budgets. 

In November, the government made up of the PP and Ciudadanos (with the support of VOX) failed to finalise the 2022 budgets due to the rejection of the parties PSOE, VOX, and Unidas Podemos. 

Not enough votes to rule alone 

According to data from the latest Andalucian barometer, Moreno would win the election with 34% of the vote. This could give him between 43 and 44 seats. However, that number is not enough to rule alone. The absolute majority is 55 seats. Therefore, the party would need support from Vox. The far-right party would become the third force in the southern Spanish state with 19% of the vote and 22 seats. 

Together with VOX? 

For the past four years, the president of Andalucia has governed the region in a coalition with Ciudadanos and with support from Vox. He has regularly hinted that he will reject a coalition with the party led by Santiago Abascal (VOX). 

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