Motion against tourist tax in all Valencian municipalities

by Lorraine Williamson
Valencian tourist tax

VALENCIA – The controversy over the tourist tax, which the Generalitat wants to introduce to tax overnight stays, continues. The People’s Party (PP) has decided to file a motion against tourist tax in all Valencian municipalities. The right-wing conservative party wants to show its “absolute opposition”. 

Juan Francisco Pérez, deputy secretary of the Valencian PP (PPCV), made a statement to the ABC newspaper.  Moreover, he considers this tariff an “obligation” that “impedes the recovery of one of the main economic engines of the region”. 

Generalitat ‘continues to ignore industry needs’ 

According to Pérez, the Generalitat “continues to ignore the needs of the sector”. The regional government remains committed to submitting a bill to the Valencian courts. This is to approve a fee that “tourists visiting the region must pay”. This includes the Valencians themselves: about 34% of overnight stays in the Community correspond to tourists from the region. 

Disagreements within the Generalitat 

This opposition from the PP members in the town halls increases doubts about the plan among the government partners of the Valencian government. For example, the president of the Hosbec hotel association, Toni Mayor, acknowledged that the “majority” of the municipal councils are against the application of the rate. Moreover, this also applies to those municipalities governed by the PSOE-PSPV, which has the majority in the coalition governing the Community together with the Compromís and Podem parties. 

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