Café customers catch a thief

by Lorraine Williamson
cafe thief caught in Vigo

GALICIA – Coffee shop patrons chase, immobilise, and hand over a thief to the National Police.

Agents of the National Police in Vigo arrested a Spanish man with numerous criminal records for a crime of robbery with violence and intimidation.  

Cashier robbed

He robbed the cashier of a cafeteria but was immobilised by two clients who chased him and handed him over.

According to police sources, the events, according to police sources took place around eleven o’clock at night on the 6th in a cafeteria located in a central and busy street in Vigo. An employee was cleaning the kitchen of the café. Then, she heard a noise and looked outside. She saw a man accessing the bar and attempting to take money from the till.

The thief was chased

However, two customers who were on the terrace of the establishment came to his aid.  And when they saw what was happening, they began to chase the thief. The clients managed to catch up with him and requested he returns the money. But the alleged thief confronted them and tried to attack them causing them all to fall to the ground. At that point, the customers managed to immobilise him. They then waited for the arrival of the Police.

Culprit searched

When they arrived, they searched the culprit and found stolen money inside his pants pocket.

Consequently, he was arrested. His testimony was taken and made available to the Investigating Court of this city, acting as guard.

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