Internal Affairs detain several police in connection with drug trafficking

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Police arrest officers involved in drug trafficking

The Internal Affairs Unit of the National Police has detained several agents in an operation with the Civil Guard for alleged drug trafficking, as reported to Europa Press.  22 arrests have been made in the operation.

Other sources point out there are five agents of the National Police who have been arrested. The investigation affects the Group of Narcotic Drugs of the Merida Police Station, according to ‘El Mundo’.

The investigation tries to clarify the relationship of these Police Force agents with illegal organisations dedicated to drug trafficking.

22 arrested

In a statement, the National Police reported an operation with the Civil Guard dismantled a “complex criminal network settled in the province of Badajoz”.  It consisted of several organisations that interacted with each other.

Cogesa Expats

Specifically, 22 people have been arrested, “among which are several members of the State Security Forces and Bodies”. More than 20 entries and searches at officers’ homes took place.

Four “indoor” marijuana plantations with a total of more than 3,000 plants have been located and dismantled. A large number of tools have been removed that relate to installation – lamps and air conditioning consoles – as well as various vehicles, according to the National Police.

The investigation, which has been declared secret, continues. The involvement of more people cannot be ruled out.

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