Body without head and hands found on a beach in Marbella

by Lorraine Williamson
body on beach
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MARBELLA – The body of a woman with no head and no hands was found floating in the waves on a beach in Marbella on Sunday. A passer-by alerted the police, and an investigation has now been launched. 

The person who first saw the body in the waves at around 5.00 pm thought it was a person drowning. Therefore, he called the number 091 of the National Police. There the caller was warned not to go into the sea to help because of strong winds and coastal phenomena. 

The police then immediately sent a patrol to Cañas de Marbella beach. The body was seen there at the Club 200 restaurant. Police sources told that the Guardia Civil has taken over the investigation because this body has authority over the beaches. The first hypothesis that is used is that it concerns a woman around 30 years old. 

The main suspicion of the police is that the find could be related to a settlement between drug organisations on the Costa del Sol. This happened in the same town about a year ago when the lifeless body of another woman was found in some bushes on the side of a road. 

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Mutilation makes identification difficult 

The fact that both head and hands are missing will complicate the identification process. Researchers cannot take fingerprints or use parts of the teeth as a starting point. They will therefore first proceed to analyse the list of persons reported missing. There they hope to be able to find someone who corresponds to the found body in terms of physical characteristics. 

Man arrested 

On Tuesday, the National Police arrested a man after a violation of a restraining order. The arrest took place according to, based on a report from a woman who warned that the body could belong to her sister. Police are now investigating his possible connection to this crime. 

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