Marbella rocked by two shootings in 24 hours

by Lorraine Williamson
Marbella shootings

MARBELLA – There have been two shootings in Marbella in less than 24 hours. An Irishman was hit and the bullet penetrated his kidney. He is in hospital and out of danger. Police unions ask for more capacity in the municipality. 

The sound of gunshots re-entered Marbella as a result of two possible settlements. Police are currently investigating whether the shootings are related. Since 2018, the southern Spanish resort has been plagued by regular settlements by hitmen who have targeted rivals in the drug trade. 

The first incident happened last Tuesday around 5.45 pm in the area of ​​Lago de las Tortugas, near the Lomas de Nueva Andalucía and Aloha Golf. From there, emergency number 112 received a report from a person who had heard shots. At the same time, he warned that there might be an injured person. 

Wounded Irishman 

The National Police, who took over the investigation, rushed to the scene of the shooting together with the health services and the local police. When they got there, they saw that the injured man had been shot in the side. He was then transferred to the Costa del Sol hospital. The victim is a 24-year-old Irishman and his kidney was damaged by the bullet. 

The patient declined to speak to the National Police, who are investigating the events. The man of Irish nationality appears to have only been in Spain for a few days. 

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Second shooting in Marbella 

Less than 24 hours had passed after this event before firing was fired again in Marbella. This time between two cars. They were driving on Avenida Virgen del Rocío in San Pedro de Alcántara around 12.10 pm on Wednesday when an occupant of one of the cars started shooting at the other. Witnesses called the Emergency Department and the National Police arrived on the scene. 

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This time there were no injuries. A stray bullet did end up in the parking lot of a dealer in luxury cars. The bullet hit a Range Rover owned by a customer of that dealer who had parked his car in front of the door. 

Need more manpower 

Given these events, the Marbella police unions are calling for a better police station with more resources to be able to fight organised crime with more guarantees. “We demand that Marbella’s police be expanded to resemble Algeciras’s,” the police union SUP demanded. A spokesperson explains to the SUR newspaper that every year the same problems arise and that more resources are urgently needed. Among which are electric weapons to better handle violent situations and to prevent injury to third parties. 

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