‘Barefoot’ hotel in Mallorca receives complaints from residents about odour nuisance

by Lorraine Williamson
odour nuisance

MALLORCA – The Barefoot Hotel Mallorca in Portocolom on the Balearic island, which promotes barefoot walking, is having some start-up problems. Neighbours complain about odour nuisance. 

This odour nuisance is related to the generator that has to provide the hotel with electricity. The hotel was inaugurated in July but has not yet been connected to the electricity grid due to supply problems. That is why the main building, where the rooms are also located, depends on this. 

The device not only generates electricity but also noise and smells that negatively affect the sleep and well-being of local residents. “We are in constant contact with local residents and are doing everything we can to resolve the situation,” said Christiane Winter-Thumann, Barefoot Hotel brand and communications director. However, she also pointed to the energy supplier as the culprit because of delays in the agreed reforms. 

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“In the end, nothing happens” 

The spokeswoman went on to say that in the past week the electricity company had repeatedly promised to install the missing power connections, which would have required construction work. “Maybe it’s something typically Spanish that you expect a solution and help and in the end nothing happens. We have already filed numerous complaints,” Thumann said. 

According to Thumann, the property hardly receives any complaints from visitors to the hotel. The generator is separated from the main house and the above smells would be dissipated satisfactorily. It is true that when the appliance starts up, an unpleasant odour can arise. Yet it is also a difficult situation for the hotel chain. Only 50 per cent of the hotel capacity can be used. 

Barefoot Hotel Mallorca 

The Barefoot Hotel Mallorca is a five-star hotel, located in Portocolom, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a spa, an outdoor swimming pool, a ‘hammam’ and a wide range of services aimed at wellness and health. ‘Barefoot’ refers to the possibility for guests to move barefoot through the hotel facilities. They benefit from natural materials such as wood or sand-based floors for comfort and hygiene. 

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