At 637 years old, this is the oldest pub in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Antigua Taberna de las Escobas

SEVILLA – Imagine: a bar that opened its doors in the year 1386 when the Moors still ruled the area and where the famous Spanish writer Cervantes still sat at the bar. For a long time this bar was the place to be in Seville. 

The former inn at a historic location is hailed as Spain’s most traditional bar, according to Infobae. It is far away from modern concepts and trendy drinks. Furthermore, it concerns the Antigua Taberna de las Escobas. The name already betrays something of its history, something that this place literally breathes. 

For 637 years, celebrities such as writer Miguel de Cervantes, poet Lope de Vega and British revolutionary and romantic Lord Byron have sat at the bar and tables of this taberna. A plaque in the establishment commemorates their visit. 

From the very beginning, this oldest inn in Spain has allowed its unique character to predominate. Thanks in part to its excellent location at number 62 of Álvarez Quintero Street, right next to the Giralda (the belfry of Seville’s cathedral), this place used to be a bustling marketplace. That’s why many celebrities from the past made their appearance here and the bar was able to become the most famous in the city. 

The name ‘de las Escobas’ refers to an old craftsman who served wine and also made brooms (escobas) that hung from the ceiling. To this day, these brooms still have a prominent place in the business. 

The menu 

The oldest bar in Spanish gastronomy, recognised by the Federación de Restaurantes, above all, reflects the culinary influences of the region in its dishes. The Andalucian and Mediterranean cuisine are central. Key dishes on the menu include gazpacho, fried fish and tasty stews. 

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Naturally, Andalucian tapas also form an essential part of the culinary offer. Both cold and hot tapas are served, ranging from the classic Russian salad of Las Escobas to salmorejo, patatas bravas and gambas in black tempura. 

As for the main courses, there is a varied choice. Guests can enjoy different types of paella and rice dishes, feast on meats such as Iberian pork or sirloin steak, and tuck into quality fish such as swordfish. Of course, the house speciality should not be missed: a delicious mix of anchovies, hake, marinated fish, squid and other seafood, for a price of around €15. 

It boasts a varied menu that can be tasted both indoors and on the terrace. Even if you sit outside, it is worth admiring the old architecture, carefully renovated over the years, inside. 

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