A restaurant in Zamora charges 20 cents every time its waiters serve at the tables

by Lorraine Williamson
Zamora restaurant

Who has not ever been surprised when asking for the bill in a restaurant? From charges for extras that we thought were included to the lack of information on the prices of drinks… On more than one occasion we felt cheated when the waiter brought us the ticket to the table and we saw what we had to pay. This restaurant in Zamora charges each time a waiter visits your table.

An Imperial Bar client in Benavente (Zamora) denounced on Twitter the restaurant included charges of 20 cents in his bill. Seemingly, this happened every time the waiter came to serve his table. 

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Zamora restaurant bill

Charged each time the waiter came to the table

As reported by La Vanguardia, Blas Galey Hermoso published a photo of the account on his profile. This was accompanied by the following text: “Something curious happened to us a few days ago in Benavente. Every time the waiter came to the terrace table to bring something: beer, the tapa… he charged us 20 cents”. 

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However, this was not the only abnormal charge received by Galey. As he details in the same tweet, the restaurant also included an extra euro in the bill for serving him some cutlery. “The last straw was the euro he charged us for putting some cutlery to cut a toast that we had ordered,” he says. 

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The tweet, despite being from last November, during these days has gone viral, helping to denounce the deception. What the man could not achieve at the time was to avoid paying the extra 0.80 cents added to the service of the waiter coming to his table. That, and the cost of €1 for the use of cutlery. 

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