Fantastic flamenco lunch show at Vino Mío in the heart of Malaga

by Lorraine Williamson
Vino Mío Malaga

MALAGA – If you don’t alreday know the restaurant Vino Mío in the heart of Malaga, you MUST go there soon. It is always pleasant and cosy and owner Hélène regularly organises dazzling flamenco shows. 

Vino Mío Malaga dinner

On Tripadvisor, Vino Mío in Malaga is number 1 for a reason. That proves the quality of what they serve speaks the truth. Moreover, Vino Mío is in the top 10 of the 2,837 (!) restaurants in all of Málaga. This is the result of many years of hard work by Hélène and her staff, of which she is also very proud. Furthermore, many of whom have worked at the restaurant for years. “It really feels like one big family. We have all come through an extremely difficult period and we are grateful that it is very busy again,” said Hélène. 

Vino Mío has been attracting many national and international guests for years. Not only because of the founder’s Dutch nationality but also because of the international menu. In addition, many come to the passionate flamenco shows Hélène organises daily from Wednesday to Sunday from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm. 

The flamenco you see at Vino Mío is extremely professional but a little more friendly and interactive than flamenco shows usually are in southern Spain. All guests receive general information about the music and dance style. With a little background information, you will see completely different things during such a show. How nice is it to read about which ‘palos’ are performed during the show? ‘Palos’ are the various flamencostyles, including Sevillanas, Fandango and Alegría. 

Delicious lunch with a flamenco show 



Because the evening shows are such a great success, Vino Mío now also organises a show during the day. From June 21, you can reserve a table every Thursday and enjoy a delicious lunch while watching the immersive flamenco show. The menu consists of two drinks and delicious Spanish tapas such as Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, olives, gazpacho and ‘tortilla Española’.  


Apart from the flamenco shows in the evenings, during the Feria of Málaga (this year from 13 to 20 August), there is also a show on the program every day during lunch. 

Cogesa Expats

New event: ‘Love at first bite’ 

Are you still looking for a serious relationship? Then the always energetic owner has also come up with something fun. From next month the new event ‘Love at first bite’ will start. Vino Mío organises once a week a chic dinner on the terrace. A group of ten people selected by Vino Mío takes part. The selection takes place carefully and discreetly to increase the chance that your ‘media naranja’ (Spanish for the other half) is among them. After each dish, you switch places. Sign up quickly via Hélènes WhatsApp: +34 615 689 570. The first ‘Love at first bite’ will be in one month. 


About Vino Mío 

The ideal location

Restaurant Vino Mío has been around in Malaga for 19 years. Hélène saw Málaga as the ideal place to open her restaurant. And it still remains so for her as she keeps on enjoying her restaurant to the fullest. “It still feels like it’s the first day, that passion doesn’t go away. We are in a virtuous circle in that respect: I am happy and radiate that, which makes my staff happy too. They then make the guests happy and that in turn makes me happy”, says Hélène. “It is also fantastic to meet people of so many nationalities every day!” 

The menu 

Don’t expect a specific cuisine at Vino Mío, but do be surprised by the Fusion dishes they serve. The menu is creative and the chefs are inspired by cuisines from all over the world. Yet each dish has a typical Vino Mío stamp. Every dish is homemade, as healthy as possible and prepared with fresh products. Because the kitchen is small and the turnover is high, in principle everything is made fresh every day. For lunch, we recommend one of the delicious and fresh main course salads; healthy, economical and not too heavy. 

Vino Mío Malaga postre

Gift voucher 

Do you want to surprise someone and don’t know what to buy? Then give a gift voucher from Vino Mío. A nice idea with which you will certainly spoil someone and you will receive a bottle of Rioja for yourself! 

More information about all activities at Vino Mío can be found on the website: 

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