Young woman killed by pack of dogs in Spain

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pack of dogs attacked and killed jogger

PROVINCIA DE ZAMORA – A pack of five dogs belonging to a shepherd and his herd of cattle attacked a young woman from Zamora while she was jogging on a rural road. Emergency services could do nothing to save her life.

The 27-year-old died after being attacked by the dogs in the Zamorano district of Roales, on a rural road connecting the municipality of Zamorano with La Hiniesta. The woman, who often ran in the area with her Husky, was completely surprised by the five dogs. They have since been identified by the Guardia Civil, and by their owner who was herding cattle in the area.

Woman was on the phone with her mother

The woman, a nurse living in Roales, was on the phone with her mother at the time of the attack. When she heard her daughter being attacked, she called 112 and rushed to the country road, but could do nothing. However, the woman was left unconscious by the dogs after the attack.

The emergency centre informed the Guardia Civil (COS) of Zamora and the Emergency Coordination Centre (CCU) of the Sacyl Health Service, who sent an ambulance. Once on the scene, health personnel could only confirm the woman’s death.

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Three days of mourning

The relatives of the deceased young woman have been cared for by psychologists and other care providers. The woman was well-known in the municipality of Zamorano. Furthermore, the mayor of Roales, David García, has declared three days of mourning.

The Guardia Civil is investigating the incident and has identified the five dogs that caused the young woman’s death. The dogs are under the control of the regional government’s veterinary services. The animals are owned by a shepherd from Hiniesta. Furthermore, a judge is investigating whether there is a case of manslaughter and recklessness.

Intimidating dogs

According to La Opinion de Zamora, this is apparently not the first time that animals intimidated people walking along the path where the nurse lost her life. Several amateur cyclists have made themselves available to the Guardia Civil to cooperate in the investigation. In addition, last Saturday several women in the same area had to flee across the countryside after being chased by a pack of dogs.

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