Zamora – history, art, culture, wine and more!

by Lorraine Williamson

CASTILE-Y LEON – Zamora can be found in the northwest of Spain in the region of Castile-y León. Medieval influences can be seen all around the town. But not only is it worth visiting the historical district, but it is also a fantastic place to combine culture with wine tourism. take a look at “la bien cercada”, otherwise known as Zamora as part of the around Spain in 90 days series.

The old town is enriched with Romanesque art, and some of its monuments such as the church of Santa Maria la Nueva or the Cathedral with its dome have become typical symbols of Zamora

Historic artistic art

Renaissance architecture also plays a big part, and this can be seen in the 15th-century Palace of the Counts of Alba de Aliste. However, this is now a Parador hotel.

There are many churches and museums with vaults and gothic arches to be found around the narrow, cobbled streets. In fact, it has 23 religious buildings and 14 churches in the old quarter. This makes Zamora the city with the largest number of the finest Romanesque religious structures in Europe.

The old town has the declaration of historic-artistic art.

The “well defended”

Zamora is known as “the Well Protected”, (la bien cercada) because of its triple layer of well-preserved walls.

In terms of cuisine while visiting Zamora, specialties to try are suckling lamb or pig, or the special stews. Or if you are not a meat-eater, garbanzos (chickpeas) as they have been grown and cultivated in the area since ancient Roman times. Also, local cheeses and leche frita are also very popular.

Wine tourism

There are many hiking trails and walking routes in and around Zamora, but also many wine tasting opportunities. Located on the banks of the River Duero, you have a choice of winery tours. Wines to look out for are Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Cabernet Sauvignon. If you prefer white, Verdejo, Albillo, and Palomino are just some. But the best part, is ensuring you try as many as possible.

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