Dining experience for 1,800 euros per person in Ibiza

by Lorraine Williamson
Ibiza dining experience

IBIZA – For those who like to collect special experiences and have lots of money, there is a perfect dining opportunity in Ibiza. Numerous celebrities, such as Michael Jordan, Cher and Shakira, preceded you and paid €1,800 for a gastronomic journey in this restaurant. 

Although ‘restaurant’ is a very ‘ordinary’ name for something so exclusive as this. Renowned chef Paco Roncero’s revolutionary restaurant continues to offer one of the most expensive dining experiences in the world with a menu of €1,800 per guest. Sublimotion is located in the luxury hotel complex of the American chain Hard Rock Cafe on Playa den Bossa. For ten years now it has been setting new standards for culinary innovation and technology since opening in 2014. 

Only three months of the year, during the high season, the restaurant only welcomes 12 guests each evening. They sit together at one table in a specially designed capsule of 70 square metres. During the experience, which lasts 2.5 hours, guests are treated to dishes prepared by 2-star Michelin chef Paco Roncero. In addition, they are on a virtual journey where ingredients float around their plate, food falls from the sky, and the entire room transforms into an immersive projection. 

Together the team has 10 Michelin stars 

The restaurant emphasises on its website that Sublimotion is the result of “the union of a kitchen team that collectively has 10 Michelin stars” and the work “with the brightest designers, engineers, screenwriters, composers and illusionists”. In September last year, the restaurant received the National Hotel Award for the most outstanding hotel company in Innovation. 

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Gastronomy as entertainment at a high level 

The idea behind Sublimotion was to take gastronomy as entertainment to the next level with an immersive show. Advanced virtual reality technologies allow guests to “visit” different locations without leaving their seats, immersing themselves in a combination of music, lights, and surprising projections. 


The inspiration for this unique dining experience originated in Chef Roncero’s research studio. There he collaborated with Eduardo Gonzáles, co-founder and creative director of Sublimotion. Here the chef developed new culinary techniques and ideas, which formed the basis for the concept of Sublimotion. 

Madrid-born Paco Roncero is a pioneer of modern Spanish cuisine and has gained worldwide recognition for his innovative approach to food and his use of new technologies in the kitchen. Outside of Sublimotion, Roncero also manages other prestigious restaurants and projects, both in Spain and abroad. 

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