Guardia Civil breaks up large heroin cartel in Madrid slum

by Lorraine Williamson
heroin gang arrested

COSLADA – The Civil Guard has dismantled a large criminal network specialising in the trafficking of heroin in Cañada Real, a slum in the Madrid region. 21 people were arrested and 18 house searches were carried out. 

Known as the “Clan de Los Mellizos”, the group had seized power from other family gangs in this area of informal housing along the M50 motorway. Moreover,it is the largest illegal settlement in a European city. 

During the operation, the following was seized;

  • more than 300 grams of heroin
  • 200 grams of cocaine
  • 2 marijuana plantations with nearly a thousand plants
  • 62,000 grams of dried marijuana buds
  • 4 handguns
  • a shotgun
  • cash
  • 9 luxury cars

Those arrested are charged with drug trafficking, membership in a criminal organisation, illegal possession of weapons, production and cultivation of marijuana, and electricity fraud. 

The investigation began earlier this year following an increase in individuals coming to Cañada Real. Moreover, the Guardia Civil deployed observation teams and identified three different clans, all based in Cañada Real. These groups were not only involved in the distribution of various drugs but also owned marijuana plantations in several homes. 

Cogesa Expats

Women and children as guards 

The investigation was complicated by the high level of security measures taken by the clan, including frequently changing phones and making pointless trips in attempts to mislead the police. They also used Cañada women and children to guard entryways during major transactions and to hide drugs. 

However, after intensive investigation, agents identified all members of the group. It was tightly run by a married couple, with their two children in a minor role. Together they supplied the drug dealers in Cañada Real with heroin. 

Investigators have arrested both the supplier, known to the security services, and his associates who helped transport and introduce drugs into Cañada Real Galiana. 

Seven houses with rooms to also use drugs 

The network operated out of seven houses where they distributed drugs, owned plantations and where specific rooms were set up for customers to use the drugs. Some of these houses were provided by the group’s leaders in exchange for selling drugs or guarding the plantations. 

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