Record price of €1800 for Spanish menu broken

by Lorraine Williamson
record price menu

The record price of around €1,800 per person for a menu was held by Paco Roncero ‘s Sublimotion restaurant in the Hard Rock hotel in Ibiza. This restaurant has long been named the most expensive in Spain and the world. However, that has now changed.

The unique gastronomic experience on Ibiza, with its price tag, seemed unbeatable. Although, there has been much talk recently of price increases also affecting haute cuisine. Yet this Ibiza restaurant is about more than just the ingredients and what is served on the plate. Exclusivity, luxury and the perception of typical Ibiza atmosphere play a role in this overall experience.

Record menu price

And as extraordinary as it is, the Sublimotion menu record has recently been surpassed by Quique Dacosta in his three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Dénia. Dacosta offers a set menu of €4,000 for two people. Consequently, this amounts to €2,000 per guest, a new record in Spain and perhaps even in the world. The restaurant works with a closed menu. Moreover, in any restaurant of a certain level the wine list can reach to infinity. 

First Plenitud Lounge 

Spain’s first Plenitud Lounge recently opened in Dénia. It´s an exclusive space in the restaurant’s garden, where this unique Act Plenitude 2 menu is served. It seems to have a link with the chef’s version of the Last Supper menu for the Spanish channel Historia, a few years ago. It includes three Dacosta dishes: floral bread, fish bones and lamb’s innards.  

Cogesa Expats

The delicacies are, of course, accompanied by Dom Perignon. And then with two showpieces of the Champagne brand; the Vintage 2012 and the spectacular Plenitude 2 from 2003.  

The price of this gastronomic experience – authentic luxury tapas – is €220 per person, but those who choose to taste it as part of the Quique Dacosta degustation menu (Cook Beauty) will pay €4,000 for two people. The two bottles of Dom Perignon already cost almost €1,000 in the shop, then the €2,000 per person in a restaurant for an “unforgettable experience” is quickly reached. 

About Quique Dacosta 

If there is one chef who has really put Valencian gastronomy on the map, it is Quique Dacosta. Dacosta is one of Spain’s most recognised and acclaimed three-star chefs, a man from Cáceres who has made Dénia home to his unique, creative, idiosyncratic and unbeatable Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant that bears his name is a faithful reflection of the elegance, sobriety and plant of its owner. The restaurant is one of eleven in Spain with three Michelin stars. 

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