Former Princess of Qatar, Kasia Gallanio found dead in Puerto Banus apartment

by Lorraine Williamson
Kasia Gallanio found dead

MALAGA – Kasia Gallanio, ex-wife of Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani, uncle of the emir of Qatar was found dead at her home in Puerto Banus, Marbella.

Police were alerted by one of her daughters from Paris. According to French newspaper, Le Parisien, the minor had been trying to contact Kasia Gallanio for days.

On reaching her apartment at around 8.00 am on Sunday morning, the doorman of the Playas del Duque complex allowed the police access. However, according to reports, 45-year-old Kasia Gallanio was found dead in her bed. Furthermore, seemingly there were no signs of a struggle or any violence.

Alcoholism and depression

Although the autopsy has yet to be carried out, initial reports suspect substance overdose. According to French media reports, seemingly, Gallanio was dealing alcoholism and depression.


Gallanio had been through a tough legal battle with her estranged husband over custody of their three children. Moreover, the battle lasted 10 years with allegations that 73-year-old Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani had sexually abused their oldest daughter.

However, he has always denied these allegations. And, in the middle of April, the alleged victim denounced the accusations of assault.

Nervous breakdowns

On May 19, the Paris court dismissed her demands. As reported by the French newspaper, she had spent several months hospitalised and was prone to nervous breakdowns and detoxification cures. This led the judge to postpone the case until a psychological evaluation of the Gallanio was obtained to better understand the family situation. Meanwhile the youngest daughter lives with her father near the Champs-Elysees in Paris.  

The other two older daughters arrived in Spain to identify the body of their mother. According to the French Press, the 73-year-old father does not speak to them and only covers the expenses of “modest hotels or short-term accommodation”.

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