Brand value Spanish airline is experiencing largest growth in the world

by Lorraine Williamson

A Spanish airline showed the largest growth in brand value in the world last year. This company grew by no less than 37.6% in 2021. In total, Spain is represented twice in the ranking of ’50 most valuable companies’. 

This concerns Iberia, the provider that can now call itself the airline that has experienced the largest growth of all airlines in the world over the past year. Iberia’s brand value growth amounted to 37.6%, an increase of €211 million compared to a year ago. Every year, Brand Finance conducts research into the most valuable brands, also within the aviation sector. 

Special mention Iberia in Brand Finance report 

Brand Finance’s report specifically mentions and praises Iberia for the fact that the Spanish company has been able to adapt quickly to the changes in the market and the constraints imposed by the corona pandemic. At the beginning of this year, Iberia and the Spanish oil company Cepsa came up with a joint strategy aimed at making the aviation sector more sustainable. 

Brand Finance releases a report every year on consumers’ conception of aviation brands operating in each country. In this report, consumers are asked about 22 airlines in Spain, among others. Every year, about 100,000 consumers around the world give their opinion. 

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Two airlines in the ranking of the 50 most valuable brands 

Although Iberia’s brand value has risen the fastest over the past year, it does not mean that the brand is most valued by consumers. In 2022, Iberia climbs to 31st place in the ranking of the 50 most valuable airlines in the world, making it the highest scoring carrier from Spain in this list. Vueling closes the rankings and ends up in 50th place this year, three places lower than in 2021. 

The major players in the market are also at the forefront this year. Delta is considered the most valuable airline in the world, followed by American Airlines. 

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