Warm sangria – perfect for the winter evenings

by Lorraine Williamson
warm Sangria

At this time of the year, I think of roast chestnuts, the smell of cinnamon and orange, and of course, mulled wine! But what about trying warm Sangria? When in Spain…

There is nothing better to get you into the festive spirit than traditional mulled wine. Experts highlight the ‘anit-ageing’ and ‘anti-inflammatory’ health benefits of mulled wine here. But let’s try it with a twist and a bit of a kick – warm Sangria mulled wine fusion!

Citrus, spice, and cider

First of all, prepare a pan for your warm sangria and add around one and a half cups of a cider of your choice. Ladrón de manzanas is a good example, or you may prefer one of the berry flavoured varieties. Then chop up some fruit.

For this part of the recipe, use citrus fruits, such as orange and lemon, and add a couple of cinnamon sticks, cloves, and star anise (these are optional, but the cinnamon is a must!). Then turn the hob to low heat, cover, and simmer the cider mix for around 25-30 minutes. Be careful it doesn´t get too hot.

Fruit and honey

Meanwhile, chop up some apples and any other fruits you may want to use. Then add this fruit to your large Sangria jug.

When the cider is ready, it should be warm and not hot (you need to be able to drink it after all!), add a good measure of honey and/or sugar of any colour. Mix together and add to the jug.

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Red wine

Then open a bottle of red wine, and add it to the liquid. It doesn´t have to be expensive wine. Most supermarket brands will do. 

Spirits to finish your warm sangria

To finish the concoction, we now add the kick. This can be up to you, but brandy or amaretto are good choices for a lovely warm sangria. However, personally, as I can never make sensible decisions when it comes to alcohol, I like to add a small measure of three different drinks. These are; brandy such as Magno, Cointreau, and 43 (Cuarenta y tres – a Spanish liquor which works perfectly with the cinnamon and spices).

Editors tip: This can be made in slightly larger quantities if you are enjoying the warm Sangria with friends. Use a slow cooker on low, and you can relax because if you only make a jug, for sure, your guests will ask for more. Add some cinnamon sticks to the glasses for decoration.

Although it is winter in Spain, it can still be warm in parts of the country, so you may still prefer some of the traditional Spanish summer drinks instead.

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