Andalucian supermarket chain freezes the price of 140 products

by Lorraine Williamson
140 products

MÁLAGA – An Andalucian supermarket chain with 20 branches in Granada and Málaga has announced that it will freeze the price of 140 products until 2023. With this offer, the company wants to put an end to what it describes as the current “inflationary blow”. 

After Yolanda Díaz’s controversial proposal to limit the price of basic products in the shopping cart in the face of rising inflation across Europe, some supermarkets in our country have taken advantage of the situation to offer their customers attractive offers “adapted” to the current situation. 

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Last Monday Carrefour came with a shopping basket with 30 products for €30. The basket contains, among other things, pasta, preserves, oil and some drugstore products. The measure was greeted enthusiastically by many consumers on social media. 

Tu Super 

Now the Andalucian supermarket chain, ‘Tu Super’, has announced that it will freeze the price of 140 “commodities” until at least next year. The company’s management plans to end what it sees as the current “inflationary blow” and assures it has been working on that mission since May. They take it so seriously that the plan has even been recorded before a notary. In this way, the aim is to guarantee the transparency of the action. The promotion runs from September 1 to December 31, 2022. 

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Rubén Navarro, the head of ‘Tu Super’ says: “We want to convey in a clear way that the agri-food chain can regulate itself. This company will bear the increase in costs.” 

Navarro says he is “aware” of the “controversy” that this action could cause in his sector. However, he is sure of the support of the suppliers who have already guaranteed the delivery and who in turn have reached the same agreement with the manufacturer. 

140 products 

With this announcement, more than a hundred products, both from leading brands and private labels, will see their retail price freeze. This concerns oils, rice, cocoa, coffee, preserves, biscuits, dairy products, pulses, pasta, bakery products and drinks, but also fresh products, drugstores and perfumery. The chain currently has 20 branches spread across the provinces of Granada and Malaga and employs about 200 people. 

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