Lidl opens its first supermarket at a Spanish airport

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish airport supermarket

MADRID – Just as Albert Heijn has a branch at Schiphol, Lidl, the well-known German supermarket chain, now can open a new store at a major Spanish airport. The contract to this effect has been signed. 

Travellers via Madrid-Barajas Airport will only be able to get their groceries at Lidl in 3 years. This is determined in the contract with a duration of 30 years. It starts from the date of signing of the deed of transfer. It includes both a monthly rental of €27,030 and a one-off payment of €993,000 at the beginning of the contract. 

Large retail space and waiting period of 36 months 

The new Lidl store will have an area of more than 8,500 square metres, of which 6,000 square metres will be used for buildings, 2,000 square metres for sales space and the remainder for storage, parking and support space. 

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Lidl is expanding its activities in Spain 

Since Lidl’s arrival in Spain, the supermarket chain has steadily expanded the number of stores. According to Statista, Lidl reached a total of 650 stores in 2021. In fact, their website now lists 670 stores, along with 12 logistics platforms and a workforce of approximately 18,500 employees. Moreover, they work with more than 900 suppliers. 

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