Spain wants healthy shopping basket for a fixed and low price

by Lorraine Williamson
healthy shopping basket

An affordable shopping basket full of healthy products. That is the concept that two Spanish ministers want to introduce in the very short term. A concept that proved very successful during the previous crisis in France and has now also been introduced by Carrefour. 

According to Ministers Yolanda Díaz of Employment and Alberto Garzón of Consumer Affairs, large supermarkets should put together a shopping basket with healthy food and offer it at a fixed and low price. Both ministers made this proposal yesterday to ease financial pressure on consumers in Spain in times of high inflation. 

France has already introduced the responsible and cheap shopping basket 

However, this concept is not new; in France, it was introduced by President Sarkozy at the beginning of 2011 under the name ‘Le panier desessenls’ (the basket of essential products). During this crisis, the French government encouraged supermarket chains to put together such a basket. A few months later, ten chains signed agreements with the French government and came up with their own composite basket. 

Last Wednesday, Carrefour, one of the largest supermarket chains in France, again introduced its own ‘panier des essentials’. The French supermarket now offers a package with 30 responsible products for €30. 

Cogesa Expats

Spain discusses proposal in the very short term 

Díaz and Garzón would like to reach a similar agreement between major distributors and consumer associations who will jointly determine which products should be in such a basket. For the time being, the only condition from the ministries is that the products are varied, fresh and nutritious. 

If this measure is approved within the Spanish government, it will be implemented fairly soon and will be in effect at least until after Christmas. The proposal will be discussed during the next Council of Ministers on Monday 12 September. 

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