Major trains failure in Catalonia

by Lorraine Williamson

BARCELONA – About 200 Rodalies trains, four long-distance trains and about 80,000 passengers were affected Friday morning by the outage that paralysed rail service in Catalonia until 8.00 am. 

That was confirmed by Renfe spokesman Antonio Carmona from Barcelona’s de Sants station. The incident has particularly affected Rodalies users. This is because only four long-distance trains run on conventional tracks and the AVE has not been affected, Carmona said. 

“The moment an incident hits the telecommunications control centre in the Estación de Francia in Barcelona, ​​it will affect ADIF’s traffic management of all trains running in Catalonia,” the spokesperson explains. 

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Gradually starting to operate

Since the start of the shift this Friday, around 5.00 am, the incident has prevented normal circulation until 8.00 am. Then the trains started running again. The service has already started to operate gradually.  However, it will do so infrequently due to the complexity of the rail logistics, Carmona clarified. 

In response to the rail failure, TMB has announced a special device will be used. This will strengthen the service and facilitate passenger flow at the Renfe interchanges. This is due to the high number of users expected in the coming hours. 

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