Free train tickets in Spain for short and medium distances

by Lorraine Williamson
free train tickets

In a period of rapidly rising inflation, Prime Minister Sánchez announces that short- and medium-haul train tickets in Spain will be free from September to December. The Spanish Prime Minister is taking this measure especially for working Spaniards. 

The announcement of (under certain conditions) free train travel in Spain was made on July 12 by Prime Minister Sánchez. Tickets for all commuter trains (Cercanías and Rodalies) and regional routes for medium distances under 300 km (Media Distancia routes) from Renfe are free between September 1 and December 31. 

Conditions for free train tickets in Spain 

However, some conditions apply to free travel. For example, the 100% discount only applies to tickets for multiple journeys (minimum 10 return tickets). Furthermore, it excludes single journeys, journeys with other companies and tickets for long-distance travel. 

A considerable discount on train journeys was already offered a few months ago. This was to celebrate Renfe’s 30th birthday. A 50% discount on Renfe tickets was later offered in June in an effort to accommodate commuters. 

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Spanish prime minister stands up for working Spaniards 

With this measure, the prime minister wants to temporarily soften the cost of living for the Spaniards. Germany previously introduced a similar measure. This was also temporary, but was subsequently extended with a discount card that allows unlimited travel on public transport. 

Sánchez addressed the citizens on Tuesday, while announcing various measures: “I am fully aware of the daily problems that most people face. I know that your salary is decreasing, that it is difficult to make ends meet and that groceries are becoming more and more expensive. I am doing everything I can to protect the working Spaniards of this country.” 

How are free train tickets in Spain financed? 

The free train tickets are financed from the so-called ‘windfall tax’, the extra profit tax imposed by the government on banks and energy companies that benefit from rising interest rates and energy prices. This new tax is expected to be introduced in 2023 and could raise up to €7 billion in two years. The same levy will also be used to build 12,000 new homes and finance studies for young people. 

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