1,000 products cheaper at Carrefour Spain due to price war

by Lorraine Williamson
price war

The Spanish retail sector is still engaged in an all-out price war. Supermarkets are well aware that price is the most important factor in families’ decision to fill their shopping carts. Consumers benefit from it.

Supermarket chains have been working on offers for months. Anything to defend market share. The most recent step is that of Carrefour. The French company announced on Monday that it is permanently reducing the price of 1,000 products.

Earlier this year, the company began discounts on 500 own-brand foods, liquids, drugstore, perfumery and baby products. Now, in a second cut, it’s adding new offerings. Such as fresh products and A-brands. Customers will be able to enjoy discounts of more than 20%, the company said.

Carrefour Spain, the second company in the sector with a market share of 9.9%, is therefore taking a step forward. The announcement comes after its leader, Mercadona, reported that it has lowered the price of 1.000 of its products in recent months. It will continue along this line, as its president, Juan Roig, announced during the presentation of the results for 2023.

These products will be cheaper

Among the fresh products that Carrefour will reduce are bread, eggs, vegetables, fish and meat. Oil is also on the list, a product that is now very sensitive in the shopping basket. This is due to the astronomical price increase of the past year.

Cogesa Expats

In this second series, the French company has expanded the food categories that benefit from the price cuts. Rice, beans, lentils, tuna, deli meats, cereals and yogurt and other new categories have been added. Thus, the needs of the whole family are met with healthy, gluten-free and sugar-free products and even products for pets.

Also price reduction at other supermarkets

However, Mercadona and Carrefour are not the only ones that have offered discounts on hundreds of products in recent months. Dia also announced in mid-February that it is investing €150 million in promotions for 2024. That translates into weekly discounts on more than 200 products. Club Dia members can enjoy personalised offers and promotions of up to 40%. Loyalty programs are exactly another of the means that the chains use to retain and expand their customer base

In addition, the German chain Aldi is also participating in the price reduction of a number of products. Aldi prides itself on closing 2023 with prices of its fixed range that are 12% lower than the average of the Spanish market. The chain relies on data from the consultancy firm Kantar Worldpanel.

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