Save up to 100 euros on your groceries in Spain?

Save up to 100 euros on your groceries in Spain?

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BARCELONA – Save up to 100 euros on your groceries? That will sound like music to the ears of many. In Barcelona, savings of up to 80% on groceries are possible with a new supermarket chain.

Buo has entered the market here with a remarkably aggressive pricing strategy. The chain attracts attention there by competing with big names such as Mercadona, Lidl, Carrefour and Alcampo. Buo offers incredible discounts of up to 80% of the original price, meaning consumers can save more than $100 per store visit. While Buo’s physical presence is currently limited to the metropolitan region of Barcelona, the company has plans to expand.

Digital supermarket

Buo’s focuses on a digital approach. Customers can download the app and take advantage of high discounts and promotions from the comfort of their own homes. Orders can be delivered to your home or picked up from designated points. The only limitation is that delivery is currently only available in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Cogesa Expats

The secret behind the huge discounts

Buo’s business model is key to these unparalleled discounts. Buo uses production surpluses, such as food or items that may have packaging defects, come from canceled orders or have an approaching expiration date. As a result, in many cases they achieve that amazing 80% discount, without affecting the quality and condition of the product.

The cheapest supermarket in Spain?

With such high discounts, Buo seems to belong to the cheapest supermarket in Spain. The only question remains whether Buo can deliver on its promises as the company – as promised – grows and expands across the country.

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