Prices surge by 10% for traditional Christmas products in Spain

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Christmas shopping

MADRID – As Nochebuena, the eagerly anticipated Christmas Eve, approaches, Spanish families are grappling with a noticeable spike in the prices of traditional Christmas products, even with last-minute purchases.

Christmas shopping has witnessed an average 10% surge in expenses within just one month. Consequently, there is a strong likelihood that this year’s Christmas feast will be one of the costliest in recent history.

Escalating Costs for Christmas Products

According to the Spanish Consumer Organization (OCU), the increase in prices for Christmas products, compared to the previous year, surpasses 1%. However, the contrast with 2015 is strikingly substantial. The average Christmas shopping basket is now a staggering 47% pricier than it was six years ago. This surge is particularly pronounced for items traditionally favored during the holiday season.

Seafood and Almejas

One of the most conspicuous price hikes is observed in seafood. Sellers report that even mid-range percebes (barnacles) now fetch €125 per kilogram, while larger ones can command prices as high as €400 to €500 per kilogram. Additionally, prices for almejas, another popular Christmas delicacy, have surged significantly, by nearly €40 per kilogram for the regular varieties.

Mounting Expenses for Meat Products

Embutidos, Spanish meats such as ham and sausage, have also witnessed substantial price increases. Although jamón ibérico now costs €56 per kilogram, it remains cheaper than the previous year. However, the prices of other embutidos have risen by several euros per kilogram, with high-quality embutido even doubling in price.

Cogesa Expats

Meat and Fish Dishes

Concerning main courses, cordero (lamb) and cochinillo (suckling pig) have seen a remarkable 30% surge in prices in December. For cochinillo the consumer pays now approximately €36 per kilogram. Furthermore, cordero is selling for around €24 per kilogram. For seafood enthusiasts, merluza (hake) has become significantly costlier, serving as an alternative to the traditional besugo, which has surged by nearly 110% since 2015. Moreover, there are substantially higher prices for select vegetables.

Increasing Costs for Cooking with Escalating Prices for Vegetable Oil

In addition to food price hikes, the cost of cooking oil is also on the rise. Even regular olive oil is being sold for $8 to $8.5 per bottle, significantly higher than usual. These increases contribute to the overall expense of preparing a Christmas dinner.

Turrón, the Classic Spanish Nougat, Also Sees Price Surges

Lastly, sweet treats, especially turrón, the iconic Spanish nougat, have become more expensive. According to FACUA data, turrón prices have surged by over 30% in just two months.

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