Andalucia most popular with Spanish tourists for countryside holidays

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Andalucian countryside popular with Spanish tourists

Since the pandemic, the Spanish countryside has become a popular holiday destination. Andalucia has come out top in rural destinations chosen by Spanish tourists.

According to platform, 94% of Spanish tourists who choose the countryside intend to spend their holidays in the interior of Andalucia. A visit to the villages outside the coastal areas of the region, the many hiking trails and the beautiful nature are given as reasons for this choice. After Andalucia, the regions of Asturias and Cantabria are the most popular among national rural tourists.

Still uncertainty about foreign holidays

The increased interest in holidays at home is due to existing uncertainty about travelling abroad and the lifted travel restrictions within Spain itself. Since the state of emergency in Spain ended on May 9th, the number of reservations in Spain has increased by 40% compared to the previous month.

According to Clubrural spokesperson Aroa Salazar, most bookings are for the months of June and September. Outdoor spaces, swimming pools and barbecue facilities are the most requested facilities. Anti-covid measures in the accommodation are also very much appreciated by tourists. 45% consider this a condition for renting the accommodation.

This year, 62% of Spanish tourists opt for a holiday home in a natural environment, at a maximum of two- or three-hours’ drive from their home address.

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More than one holiday

Nearly six in ten national tourists say they plan to go on holiday at least twice this year. More than half also plan to go in the next three months. This is in stark contrast to 2018, when barely 27% of Spanish tourists went on holiday twice a year.

When choosing an accommodation, more than 77% of tourists are guided by the price. Almost 67% attach great importance to the opinion of others, and for almost 54% the location is of great importance. Meanwhile, more than 46% look at which services included in the price. Photos of the accommodation play a role in decision-making for almost 41% of holiday-makers. 

Digitisation is a positive development for the tourism sector

For operators of tourist accommodations, the increased digitisation has proven to be important for their contact with the customer. 60% carry out booking online, versus 20% by telephone and 12% by means of a reservation form. In addition, more than 96% of the Spanish tourists surveyed read the online reviews of the accommodation. Furthermore, 58.4% always post a review themselves after the stay.

With regard to the profile of the rural tourist in Spain, most of them are people between the ages of 40 and 60. 70% of those interested in a holiday in the countryside are women. The majority book a holiday with their partner or family to enjoy nature and get away from it all with their immediate family.

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