Santa Eulalia de los Oscos is the new Spanish capital of rural tourism

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Santa Eulalia de los Oscos

To create more attention to rural destinations, the EscapadaRural platform has created the annual election of the capital of rural tourism. The public can vote for a pre-selected list of places. For the first time, this title goes to a place in Asturias.

The idyllic town of Santa Eulalia de Oscos has won the prestigious title of ‘Capital del Turismo Rural 2024’. This recognition underlines the charm and appeal of this rural destination. Mayor Francisco López Enríquez has stated that achieving capital status “implies recognition of the work that has begun there since the early 1990s. Then the first rural tourism accommodations opened.” Today the municipality has 280 hotel beds, with a population of approximately 430 inhabitants.

Region Los Oscos, Asturias

Santa Eulalia de Oscos is located in the beautiful Los Oscos region in southern Asturias. Against a picturesque backdrop, the town welcomes travellers with its small church, stone houses and old mills. It has an authentic and rustic atmosphere that is cherished by many. Visitors to Santa Eulalia de Oscos will find it in an extremely green landscape of rugged mountains, dense forests, beautiful valleys and lots of peace and quiet. The area is also recognised as a Biosphere Reserve.

Rich history

Santa Eulalia de Oscos is known for its historic architecture, including Renaissance buildings and remains from the Moorish and Roman periods. The city is home to several beautiful palaces, including the impressive Palacio de los Marqueses de la Conquista and the historic Palacio de Luis Chaves el Viejo.

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Tourist activities and attractions

The elected town in Asturias offers a range of activities for visitors. From craft workshops to beautiful walking routes, there is something for everyone. A highlight is the scenic hike to Seimeira Waterfall, where visitors are rewarded with breathtaking views of a spectacular waterfall amid lush forests and river landscapes.

An honourable title

Being crowned Capital del Turismo Rural 2024 is a true honour for Santa Eulalia de Oscos and its community of approximately 400 inhabitants. It is the first Asturian municipality to receive this prestigious title, continuing the legacy of previous winners such as Cazorla, Olvera and Potes.

Other finalists

In addition to Santa Eulalia de Oscos, nine other villages were shortlisted for the title of Capital del Turismo Rural 2024. Although they did not win the top prize, they certainly deserve recognition for their contribution to rural tourism in Spain. The distribution of votes for those villages is as follows:

  • Altura (Castellón): 14.9%
  • Cabezuela del Valle (Cáceres): 11.7%
  • Peñafiel (Valladolid): 9.6%
  • Brihuega (Guadalajara): 9.2%
  • Enciso (La Rioja): 8.7%
  • Cómpeta (Málaga): 7.2%
  • Artajona (Navarre): 7.2%
  • Sant Hilari Sacalm (Girona): 6.8%
  • Vilaflor de Chasna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife): 1.9%

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