And the Spanish capital of rural tourism 2022 is…?

by Lorraine Williamson
Cazorla - rural tourism winner 2022

MADRID – The competition leading to the election of the capital of rural tourism aims to make visible the municipalities committed to rural and sustainable development. Moreover, this year – just like last year – it is an Andalucian village. 

rural tourism


This year, Cazorla (Jaén) takes over from Olvera (Cádiz). Readers of the online platform chose this beautiful village in the Sierras de Cazorla as the favourite rural destination for Spanish travellers. 

There were 10 finalists, but the majority of voters crowned Cazorla as the capital of rural tourism. An award that in recent years went to Olvera, Potes, Santillana del Mar, Aínsa-Sobrarbe and Sigüenza. 


The outcome 

Furthermore, votes from the nearly 100,000 votes registered this year were as follows;

  • rural tourism21% – Cazorla
  • 13.8% – Chinchón from Madrid
  • 12.8% – Esterri d’Àneu, in Lleida
  • 11.2% – Tinajo, in Lanzarote
  • 11.1% – The municipality of Blanca in Murcia
  • 9.3% – Graus, in Huesca
  • 6.4% – Nieva de Cameros in La Rioja
  • 4.7% – Tiedra, in Valladolid
  • 4.7% – Sineu in Mallorca
  • 4.4% – El Robledo, in Ciudad Real

They were the finalists of the more than 200 places spread over all the autonomous communities. 


rural tourismConsequently, its election as the capital of rural tourism is a good reason to pay a visit to Cazorla. The village gives its name to the most famous mountain range in Jaén containing the largest continuous forest area in Spain. Furthermore, this is a tree-filled Walhalla for outdoor enthusiasts. 

In the area, you can also visit the origin of the Guadalquivir, the main river of Andalucia. This mountain village overlooks from its lofty position the endless gentle slopes dotted with tens of thousands of approximate olive trees. 

Cogesa Expats

Santa Maria ChurchUnderground vaults Iglesia de Santa María 

Thanks to more than fifty springs and fountains, everything in and around Cazorla looks un-Andalucian, smooth, and green, even in summer. Important for the village are the remains of the Renaissance Santa María church from the sixteenth century. Furthermore, this is now the tourist information office. The church was built above the river Cerezuela but was destroyed in 1694 by a severe storm. Moreover, the underground vaults that connect the church with the Santa Maria square can be visited with a guide. 

Castillo de la Yedra 

High above the white houses and in front of the rugged rocks behind Cazorla towers the fortress Castillo de la Yedra. Construction began under Moorish rule and was completed by Christians. Inside you will find the museum of arts and ancient customs of the area. 

Charming village 

meson asador


Cazorla is a succession of charming streets, flower-potted balconies, beautiful vistas, charming squares, and historic fountains. Plaza de la Constitución is graced by cosy terraces, bars, and the ice cream shop Tentaciones, which sells delicious homemade ice cream. Also, try the local dish Rinran for example in Mesón Asador. This is a kind of stew of potato, dried red peppers, mashed olives, and onion topped with a boiled egg. 



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